The “ARM MEAT” LLC (branded by “ARMENIA MEATFOOD”) was founded in 2017. The Company is engaged in meat sorting and meat production. “ARM MEAT” is the legal successor to Mush. The latter was founded in 1991 and since 1995 has been engaged in meat production. During these 23 years, the company has been well-known in the market with its vast range of products, high quality and taste characteristics of production and great demand.
In 2017, “Mush” company was renamed to “ARM MEAT” which continued its activities with the tactics and principles adopted over the years. The Company, took the experience and success of “Mush” for granted, maintained its best traditions and improved the production quality applying the latest technologies, using modern equipment and involving best specialists in the sector in the production process. Currently the company's factory is equipped with European modern equipment, ventilation system and laboratory.
The “ARM MEAT” Company provides the consumer wide range of production: · semi-smoked, cooked, raw smoked sausages · sausages · knackwursts · semi-finished products · delicacies · traditional and more than 100 products.
The “ARM MEAT” product is known in a number of other countries. The products are exported to Georgia. The whole range of technical specifications are defined and approved by the State Standard.